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Refund and cancellation

APNAGPS believes in intensifying the customer satisfaction. In order to comply with this philosophy, the company has a flexible cancellation policy.

Under this policy:

Cancellations will be appraised only if the request is made within 48 hours of the order placed for the APNAGPS tracking device. However, the cancellation request will not be honored if the process of order shipment is initiated.The product received in broken or damaged condition should be claimed to our Customer Care Team within 48 hours and re-sent within 72 hours of the product received. No further request for the postponement of the return of product will be entertained. The damaged or broken condition of the product will be confirmed by the concerned person at the premises of the company within 48 hours of products return from the customer.In case the consumer feels that the received product is not “as per his/her expectations or as displayed on the website” then he/she must inform about this to our customer care team within 24 hours of product received. Next the customer care team will go through the issue the suitable decision will be addressed within 48 hours of the complaint. After this, the customer care team will inform the buyer accordingly.

Refund Policy

Your purchase of the APNAGPS tracking device is covered by the 1-month money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied or pleased with the buying, we will willingly rectify the issue and provide appropriate reimbursement or repayment. We implement an interface along with the tracking device that we use ourselves every day and have thousands of satisfied consumers across the world, and our support system is better than everything else.The appeal for the repayment or refund should be made within 1 month of your purchase. We have simple 3-step process of refund that include:

Providing applicable reasons for the cancellation of your order or provide an explanation for why you are appealing the refund. We give preference to every customer feedback, then apply it to continually enhance the quality of products and services.
Providing complete information about your product and payment made for the tracking device.
Providing full shipping details of the products delivered to APNAGPS.

In case the buyer experience that the device delivered is not “ exactly same as displayed on the website or as per his/her expectations” then he/she must inform this matter of concern to our customer care team within 24 hours receipt of the products. The customer care team will look into this matter and take an appropriate decision within 48 hours of the objection and will notify the customer accordingly.

  • In case the device is already installed, we will take off the amount of wire harness and antennas.

  • We will not consider the refund or repayment of the broken or waterlogged device.

  • The refund or repayment will be processed within 30 days of a satisfying outcome of the complaint.