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ApnaGPS is a leading GPS Tracking device available with the mobile application that you need to purchase and engage it to your vehicle. You don’t have to wait till you get information when you should come with the vehicle to install the unit for the mobile application or wait till someone explain the functionality of the tracking device.

ApnaGPS tracker transforms your device (smartphone or tablet) into a GPS tracking device. ApnaGPS mobile application for GPS tracker available on the various significant platform such as Android, IOS, Blackberry, etc. Connecting this app with the device that you want to track, it instantly records its location systematically and uploads to our server.

With ApnaGPS you are free, you can use any smartphone or tablet and customize the application for what you want to track and how you can use it. Whenever, you want to access the app you can use and synchronize the tracks at the office or home.


Free Location Monitor: You can access ApnaGPS website or mobile application after purchasing the tracking device. You need to open the website in the browser or open the mobile application using the smartphone. You can also maintain the tracks history on the mobile application.

Tracking Multiple Devices: You can access or manage multiple devices using mobile application. All you devices are displayed in the same account.

Real-Time Update: You can check or access the real-time device location anytime and anywhere.

Geo-Fencing: You will receive email notification when the tracking device gets in or out the geofence.

Always On: Once the application has started, it runs silently in the background and needs no human interaction. It keeps on running even after the mobile device reboots. The application restart itself if aborted by a user. It only stops working when it stopped by the user.

Low Battery Consumption: The ApnaGPS vehicle tracking application is designed to safeguard the mobile battery, it does not drain the phone battery rapidly.
Supported Devices

Android phones, tablets (Android 2.3 or up)