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99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

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75,000+Vehicles Secured

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15,000+ Happy Customers

Since Apnagps Vehicle Tracking System Provides

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Whether you are a single vehicle or a fleet owner, LocoNav is determined to protect and monitor your asset from theft or harm

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Turn on vehicle lock from LocoNav’s GPS Tracking software and be assured that your vehicle won’t start without your permission

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Get live over-speeding, entry and exit points, monitor idling, Vehicle services and maintenance alerts with our real time GPS Vehicle Tracking System

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Get diagnostic, mileage and health report of your vehicle so that you can worry less about your vehicle’s well-being with real time GPS Tracking and enjoy your time on road

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Don’t think twice while parking anywhere. Track location with LocoNav's GPS Tracking System from your office and get alerts whenever your vehicle starts

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LocoNav’s GPS vehicle tracker can help you to reduce a good amount of your vehicle’s fuel cost. Track the behaviour of your driver, reduce excessive idling time and save big on fuel cost

What Our Customer Says

Features Related To Devices

Features Other Devices Apnagps Device
Real-time Tracking False True
Ignition Status True True
Over-Speeding Report False True
Vehicle Lock True True
Idling Report False True
1 Year Device Warranty True True
SOS Button False True
Fuel Monitoring True True
Temperature Monitoring False True
Location History (90 Days) True True
Geo-Fencing False True
Geo-Tagging True True
Nearest Vehicle Locator False True
Nearest Fuel Pump Locator False True
Driver Verification False True

For Government Department

  • Waste Management services.
  • Railway Tracking & monitoring.
  • Public Transport.
  • For Mining.
  • For Logistics and Cargo Transportation.

ApnaGPS is a leading GPS Tracking device available with the mobile application that you can purchase and engage it to your vehicle. ApnaGPS tracker transforms your device (smartphone or tablet) into a GPS tracking device. ApnaGPS mobile application is available on the various significant platform such as Android, IOS, Blackberry, etc. Connecting this app with the device that you want to track, it instantly records its location systematically and uploads to our server.

With ApnaGPS you are free, you can use any smartphone or tablet and customize the application for what you want to track and how you can use it. Whenever, you want to access the app you can use and synchronize the tracks at the office or home.

MIS Reports

Generate/access various reports like vehicle travel, over-speeding, stoppage, fleet usage, Map history, Trips etc. and improve the performance of your fleet, monitor fleet hours and days worked quickly detect and reduce excessive overtime hours, give accurate service/delivery times meet client expectations, improved Routing and Shorten response time.

ApnaGPS keeps updates you, helps you analyze the benefits of new operational performances implemented.


  • Effective control on fuel consumption.
  • School/Transporter can optimize maintenance cost.
  • Engine stop in emergency.
  • POI-Point of Interest.
  • Google link by MS.
  • Alerts sent by SMS/Email.
  • 2MB Memory for black area if no GPRS.