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ApnaGps Fleet Management Software Accuracy

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Irrespective of the number of vehicles in your fleet, Apna GPS fleet management software is capable of monitoring & protecting your asset from theft or harm.....

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Our commercial GPS fleet tracking can help you reduce a good amount of your fuel expenses. Track the behaviour of your driver, reduce excessive idling time and save big on fuel cost.....

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Manage every crucial aspect of your daily fleet operations with just a click. Keep a tab on your drivers’ vehicle assignments and locations at any time.....

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Know live over-speeding alerts, alerts on entry and exit points, monitor idling in real time, etc. and get vehicle services and maintenance alerts.....

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Apna gps fleet management solutions allow you to turn on vehicle lock from apnagps fleet vehicle tracking app and be assured that the vehicle in your fleet won’t start without your Knowledge.....

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Get diagnostic, mileage and health report of all the vehicles in your fleet so that you can worry less about your fleet’s well-being and concentrate more on expanding your business.....

Our Customer

Fleet Management System India

ApnaGPS, the fleet management system, developed on the GPS-based fleet tracking with a purpose to track vehicles and the safety for the industries like logistics, constructions and mining, government sectors, transporters etc. to offer better security and real-time monitoring of vehicles. This fleet tracking device is equipped with the features as of assets tracking, driver monitoring, fuel management, mobile applications and avoids routing also, and provides you with easy format readable and understandable reports. Organizations, business, people who are searching for a trusted device for tracking vehicles in India, should contact ApnaGPS. Our team will explain you all the features and will also complete installation process for this fleet management system in different cities/locations in India.

Get Always Updated About You Fleet Activities

Why not if You can handle your fleet Using Apnagps Software from any where apart of Your Postion. GPS fleet tracking in India could be one of the most important factors to decide the productivity of daily fleet operations. This category is known as telematics solutions and Apnagps best GPS fleet tracking device can help you Fleet maintenance, reduce idling time, improve your tracking and routing, downsize your fleet, improve employee efficiency and monitor safety. You will know how many hours your vehicles run and get real-time insights into engine hour data to optimize preventive maintenance schedules.You can get update of you fleet using Software with Most proper reports and accuracy.

Vehicle Tracking System India

ApnaGPS, a vehicle tracking device is developed with a purpose to provide safety for all types vehicles on road with theft prevention, fuel saving, vehicle monitoring. An affordable device for accurate tracking for all your commercial vehicles, two-wheelers, four-wheelers. Providing you with very minute functioning but discriptive easily understandable tracking reports. This vehicle tracking software is designed as easy to install on all types of vehicles. Helps to get the reduced cost of unwanted expenses in vehicles. Track you vehicles with ApnaGPS vehicle tracking system. We provide a customer-centric complete vehicle tracking management system and always available to answer your queries if any

Personal Car tracking system India

Worried about your family at the time of travelling, now track your personal vehicles likes cars, bikes with ApnaGPS tracker. You can call us now for installing the device in your personal cars, bikes etc. With installation, you will be getting facilitated with complete tracking along with vehicle monitoring, theft prevention, misuse of cars with drivers, fuels, operational cost saving and many other safety features for the purpose of the personal car tracking system in real time from web or with smart phones. Ensure safety of you family and vehicles with this ApnaGPS personal car tracking device.

ApnaGPS – A vehicle tracking system providing you a complete safety of all the vehicles/fleet on the road. Keep track of all your personal, commercial, business based vehicles with real time monitoring and several enhanced features to provide complete safety and tracking on web/smart phones. ApnaGPS helps you and your business to increase profitability and better vehicle management system with real time tracking for miles away vehicles. Monitor and track all your business fleets, transportation fleet, travelling fleet, personal fleets with ApnaGPS tracker.

Tracking Features: –

  • Real time location/data tracking.
  • Real time monitoring for long-distance vehicles.
  • Speed tracking.
  • Route tracking.
  • Direction/ Movement in directions.
  • Drivers activity.
  • Use of company vehicle for personal use.
  • Vehicle location alert at the time accident, false route, road points in India.
  • Theft preventio.
  • Fuel saving.
  • For commercial and personal vehicles.

With the increasing demands of vehicle safety, team Laxyo developed ApnaGPS tracker, which is available on very affordable costs along with easy installation process across India. Whether a single vehicle or commercial vehicles, while it comes to road, every one becomes worried with several reasons. ApnaGPS tracker is one stop solution for all your vehicle safety and concerns.

MIS Reports

Generate/access various reports like vehicle travel, over-speeding, stoppage, fleet usage, Map history, Trips etc. and improve the performance of your fleet, monitor fleet hours and days worked quickly detect and reduce excessive overtime hours, give accurate service/delivery times meet client expectations, improved Routing and Shorten response time.

ApnaGPS keeps updates you, helps you analyze the benefits of new operational performances implemented.