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Vehicle Tracking System

ApnaGPS is a GPS vehicle tracking systems quipped with GPRS/GSM networks and satellites. With the help of this tracker it becomes easier and possible to monitor different locations of all types of vehicles. Purpose of developing this device is to offer a complete and well managed tracking device for all types of vehicles on road, and to facilitate people and business with numerous safety features.

With the use of ApnaGPS device, individuals and organizations can track manage a single vehicle and fleet of vehicles using web and smartphones?

ApnaGPS is one of the highly unconventional tracking device in India, available on very affordable cost. Vehicle tracking system having several enhanced features with reliable and 24/7 customer support services, for all your inquiries related to device and installation.

Features included in ApnaGPS – Tracker

cost management,GPS tracking devicesCost Management

Use of ApnaGPS vehicle tracking device allows you to minimize expenses and unwanted cost of the transportation services offered by any company with the accurate fleet management system. Know the exact cost of all your fleets, personal and commercial vehicles.

Live_Tracking,GPS tracking devicesTacking and Positioning

Get the complete live information about location, address, speed of the vehicles. Map services based starting location/fuel/ idle. With ApnaGPS user can choose positioning platforms as to check last connection time, sensor parameters. Also have the facility to get notified about the interface change, the language and many others.

Emergency_Alarm, GPS Tracking SoftwareEmergency Alarm

At the time of any accident, false route selection, fuel theft, user will get notified via alarm. Also, there is button facility, to notify and send alarm to some authorised numbers.

Analysis_Report, Best GPS Vehicle TrackerReports

Various Analysis reports are generated from collecting data of configured devices in the regular time interval with the help of a dedicated server. It analyzes maximum possible information about Start, Stop, Idle, Location, Event, Speed, Over Speed (If Any), Time, Event, Trip, Driving Activity, Fuel Monitoring, Zone/Route Activity etc. and display the same in different ways via: In the form of a :
I. Graph
II. HTML/XLs Format
III. Map Visual etc.
IV. All reports can be exported or sent instantly to email addresses.

 Analysis_Report,Best GPS Vehicle Tracker Remote Operation

ApnaGPS supports can control vehicles oil and circuit remotely. One can control the oil and circuit via the unit through SMS from anywhere, anytime. Even in some upgraded model it helps in Voice Monitoring with prior consent and that too remotely. It offers object control facility to control vehicles remotely, which is an extremely useful feature by Turn on/off ignition power/AC and many other aspects using different commands.

Geofencing, GPS Tracking SoftwareGeo-Fencing

Provides you with an alarm at the time when a driver breaks from his route, This feature gives better control of the object as the unit will send the notification/message to all authorized numbers when it enters/exits the area.

Sensors,Best GPS Vehicle TrackerSensors

ApnaGPS Use a wide range of sensors compatible with GPS tracking devices. The sensors allow various aspects of monitoring and control such as the level of fuel, temperature of the object, its voltage and much.

POI,Best GPS Vehicle TrackerRoutes and POI

With the online positioning and by SMS, one can track auto track route. Create a virtual path, if there is any problem with the vehicle. Get notified and ability to mark POI (point of interest), on location, also can write mall description about it.

 Events,GPS tracking devices Events

Events, the most important feature of the software always used to trigger actions by important or disruptive activities. The customer will get instant SMS/email notifications triggered by different event types and get reports which help to analyze the big amount of data of the entire vehicle group even in HTML/XLs format.

 Events, GPS tracking devicesTools

Calculate distance between two points and locations. From search panel, it is also possible to refine address and search a particular address.

Anti_TheftAnti Theft

APNAGPS is compatible with the anti-theft alarm. It sends SMS alert after the original anti-theft alarm warning.

Alerts, GPS Tracking Software Mobile application

For easy access and use of this tracker, ApnaGPS mobile application is also available. You can use it on all your smartphones, tablets etc.

Alerts, GPS Tracking Software Alerts

ApnaGPS tracker of fleet management system is having the option of getting alerts at the time of fuel refilling, low level of fuel in the tank, movement alert notifications, over-speed alert notifications, high-acceleration and high break alert, engine idling alert for driver and owner.