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ApnaGPS, providing the best solution for all your worries related to the safety of vehicles on the road. A tracking device enabled with accurate GPS system for tracking and monitoring different systems as of :

Fleet_Management_System_16 Passenger Management System India


ApnaGPS tracker is the product which makes transportation of all your business related product/employee cab facility with an ease along with safety. Every business, whether it is start-up or large scale organization requires a fleet tracking device as to run safely the entire function related to transportation smooth. ApnaGPS tracker is designed and developed to set the entire requirement to manage a complete fleet of vehicles with the features like – driver management, speed management, fuel management system, on time tracking, safety management.

Passenger_mgmt_16Passenger Management System Indore


If you are in search for a complete advanced tracker/software for tracking the different variety of passenger travelling in vehicles as of taxi, school bus, travel agencies etc. ApnaGPS allow fleet owners with:

  • Distribution of vehicles.
  • Monitoring vehicles and the real capacity for passengers.
  • Identify migrant workers on each bus.
  • Log hours of workers in vehicles and fleet – overtime/ Actual.
  • Trips and stop logs.
  • Over speeding vehicles, discordant breaking, acceleration.

A GPS-based passenger tracking system to increase optimal utilization of vehicles and increasing safety.

Fuel Monitoring System for easy fuel monitoring:

ApnaGPS is vehicle tracking and vehicle monitoring system developed as to track fuel control and fuel monitoring to avoid any fraudulent act in regards to consumption of fuels. With ApnaGPS fuel monitoring systems get refined rates for fuel consumption in your transport services, save time and fleet profitability. Fuel cost plays a vital role in optimizing cost, whether it comes to a business, commercial or in-house vehicles. Equipped with fuel level sensors, and fuel flow meters. Gets ApnaGPS fuel tracking system for appropriate use of vehicles of all purpose.

Fuel_Mgmt_16Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel cost plays the vital role in cost optimization of transport business and requires extensive fuel monitoring. ApnaGPS favours transport business to focus on its core activity of transportation instead of fuel controlling only. With its improved functionality of fuel monitoring one can monitor fuel consumption with relevance to the various analytic report of Coordinate, Location, distance traveled, Speed and time. With fuel sensor any raising or lowering in the fuel level and through POI the location of the change in fuel Gives authority to the owner to know about location and quantity of fuel filling which avoids the manipulation in fuel data. The owner can see for the time, specific stop, specific stops, arrivals and departures at a specific facility, even an individual trip summary and fuel data for one particular object or many and can compare with the historical date for any particular period on the real-time basis. Even fuel theft alert helps owner a lot in saving on the cost of fuel and subsequently lower per liter per kilometer operating costs of transport.

Personal_Mgmt_16Personal Tracker System

ApnaGPS personal tracker is developed considering to safety for all your near and loved ones. By making easier personal tracking, accurate and simple. With the use of ApnaGPS personal tracker one can easily locate a person, small kids, old age people, and pets. Always get notified for all your dear ones when you are away from them with the use of this tracker. GPS based device accessible via web and smartphones.
Besides offering an excelling system for GPS-based tracking for location, fleet management, passenger management system, and personal tracker fuel monitoring system. ApnaGPS facilitates you to track MIS report for:

  • Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Over speeding
  • Stoppage
  • Fleet usage
  • Map history
  • Fuel Management
  • Start and stop location of the vehicle

MIS_Report_18MIS Reports

Generate/access various reports like vehicle travel, over-speeding, stoppage, fleet usage, Map history, Trips etc. and improve the performance of your fleet, monitor fleet hours and days worked quickly detect and reduce excessive overtime hours, give accurate service/delivery times meet client expectations, improved Routing and Shorten response time.
ApnaGPS keeps updates you, helps you analyze the benefits of new operational performances implemented.


  • Effective control on fuel consumption
  • School/Transporter can optimize maintenance cost
  • Engine stop in emergency
  • Analyze engine idling hours
  • POI-Point of Interest
  • Google link by MS
  • Four different maps for navigation
  • Alerts sent by SMS/Email
  • 2MB Memory for black area if no GPRS